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My love
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Friday, October 29, 2010


I. Love. Halloween... there, I said it!
Most of the things that I love about Halloween are instilled in me since I was a child. I loved planning months in advance what I was going to be that year. And my mom.. wow was she talented! I loved my homemade costumes. Most of the time growing up I wanted to be invisible, but when it came Halloween time.. I loved being unique! She was SO creative and could make something out of ANYTHING! I loved just watching her creative process and was so excited to see what she would come up with that year for our costumes. Some where along the way I picked up on that same enthusiasm for Halloween costumes. I make a really big deal about the boys', to the point that I have literally created MONSTERS! They already have the next 10 years in costumes already planned for me! I enjoy the time I get to spend with my little monsters, planning, creating, fixing their outfits. I love watching them as they go trick or treating and see the expression on peoples faces as they pass by. Its so fun!
As I sat last night passing out candy to the little, and some not so little, trick or treaters, I thought.. This is the best! I loved watching the little ones excitement as they waited for the treats to drop in their bags. They were so thrilled just to be what they wanted to be, even for one night. Maybe the little girl who doesn't feel special..could be a Princess and feel beautiful. Maybe the little boy who is picked on and made to feel weak could be a strong brave super hero, and save the day! I love the power of imagination! On Halloween you can be anything you imagine yourself to be!
There is one thing, however, that I don't love about Halloween. And it has to do with extremes. In the Christian world.. Halloween gets a bad rap. "Satan's Holiday", etc. And don't get me wrong, I feel that some people take Halloween to extreme! The blood and gore and scarey part of this day is NOT ok to me and some can get consumed by this! But then there is the opposite. The ones who avoid Halloween at all costs! They do everything in their power to protest the very idea! The make sure their house is dark and no light can be seen as little ones pass by with their candy bags.. as if to sort of "stick it" to the holiday. To them I say... What an opportunity you are passing up! How often do you get to see the majority of the people in your neighborhood all outside together sharing in this time!  give the kid a piece of candy for goodness sake... and while your at it- give them a smile! I love the idea of throwing in a little card with an encouraging verse or something that simply says "God loves You!" Don't be so wrapped up in avoiding this time of year that you miss the very opportunity to show love to your neighbors! Turn what satan has meant for evil into something good and glorifing to God!

Ok, off my soapbox.. for now :)
I wanted to share some of my favorite Halloween memories with you all... enjoy! (P.S. don't kill me Holly, Jake, and Amy!!!, you were all SO CUTE :P

                                         Oh yes.. the year of the clown! With my BFF Miranda :)

                                                           Holly and I were Crayon twins :)

                                                    Buzzing Bee... and check out cutie patootie Holly as a little leopard!!

                                      I was ready for a Sock Hop! All of these costumes are my moms originals!

                                                 Pumpkins with my sister and brother!!

                                      The back of this pic said I was 2... I loved Care Bears.. but not the mask LOL


  1. Great Blog Jenny! You are so right that so many Christians miss such an awesome opportunity to show God's love because they get caught up in the origin of Halloween and they start to focus on the wrong things. I always look forward to seeing your boys' costumes! You definitely inherited that trait from your mom! :)

  2. Love your perspective. I couldn't agree more. Any chance to be light in the darkness is an opportunity we should be seizing with both hands. <3